We Are the Mavericks of Staffing

Put the hardest working crew in IT staffing to work for you.

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We go all in. Hard work—done right—is the core of Matlen Silver. We never back down from a challenge, and we’ll always have your back in the relentless pursuit of a remarkable experience with the right results.
Ready to put our power to work for you?

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We pack a punch. When the rubber meets the road, Matlen Silver is the powerhouse that cuts through the nonsense and gets you the job you want—and deserve.
Want to put us to the test?

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We don’t just say we’re hard working. We are. Team Matlen Silver isn’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty delivering killer talent and the business results to match.
Got what it takes to join our crew?

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So, let’s talk about us—as in, you and Matlen Silver. Take a look at the team that brings its ultimate hustle to your IT staffing or tech career needs and only believes in matches made in heaven (i.e., you and Matlen Silver).

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