IT Staffing Takes Guts

In the time it takes you to say “talent war,” the window for tech opportunities slams shut. So, we move fast, and we’re always on-point. Oh, we’ve got guts—and work ethic, too. Matlen Silver is the hardest working crew in the industry, and we don’t stop until we’ve delivered killer talent and the business results to match.

staff who never back down
staff who never back down

rock star consultants placed
rock star consultants placed

clients who love their rock stars
clients who love their rock stars

# times we’ve rolled up our sleeves
# times we’ve rolled up our sleeves

Meet the Mavericks of Staffing

OK, you caught us. Not-so-secret power behind Matlen Silver: our people. We hire natural collaborators and invest in a culture of mentorship that begets our unshakable reflex to do right by talent recruitment. It’s a habit we haven’t broken since we started in 1980.






Nice Trophy Case

Thanks to the following organizations for recognizing the hardest working team in staffing, applauding our shared success with IT pros and the companies who love them, and making all of us at Matlen Silver feel like we’re kind of a big deal:

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Maverick.

Join Our Team

We don’t just say we’re the hardest working crew in the biz. It’s our reputation. We’re mavericks of IT staffing, and we don’t mind getting dirty delivering powerful talent experiences. Our recruiters can spot IT talent a mile away, and Matlen Silver fosters an environment thick with leadership, resources and incentives to stay on top of tech—and always do right by staffing.

Mentorship is our forte. Career growth matters here. Hiring the best talent in the field is our M.O. After all, it takes one to know one, right? Oh, and there’s dancing, too.

Do you have what it takes to run with this maverick crew? Prove it.


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Up for a New Challenge?

  • Matlen Silver University

    Landing killer IT talent is a talent itself. It takes one to know one, right? You’ve got to work your network, uncover new contacts, discover where the best app devs hang out and know how to spot top project managers a mile away. It’s like being a casting director—you know a person with awesome skills when you see them, your instincts tell you where they’re best suited to make magic happen, and you’re a boss at winning them over to Matlen Silver.

    At least, that’s what we train geniuses, like you, to do at Matlen Silver University. Use the scroll buttons to get the 411.

  • What is it?

    Matlen Silver University is a paid, full-time entry-level program that’ll teach you Matlen Silver’s approach to IT recruiting, from the ground-up. It starts with classes and moves quickly into real-world work with your mentors on the front lines.

    We think of this as a team sport, so you’ll be surrounded by a crew of pros as invested in your success as you are.

  • What will you learn?

    You’ll be getting paid to learn from the best in the business and become a pro at:

    • Recruiting techniques and tactics
    • Screening candidates and applicants
    • Coordinating interviews
    • Negotiating rates
    • Onboarding new hires
    • Building relationships, contacts + your network
    • Maintaining talent hotlists
  • What are we looking for?

    People who love the hunt, who get a jolt from a big win. You’re a pro on the phone, who’s energized by connecting with people all day, knows your way around LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter, and have a bachelor’s degree. Oh, and you’re interested in finding out why IT recruiting is considered one of the hottest careers around.


You’ve met the who. Now, let’s talk about the how. Dip into Matlen Silver’s secret sauce and learn our not-so-secret recipe for your IT staffing success.